Nova Martini –    9

         Ketel One Vodka with a splash of Olive Juice and Garnished with

         Blue Cheese Stuffed Olives.

Nova Red Martini –    9

         Belvedere Orange Vodka paired with Belvedere Black Raspberry

         Vodka then muddled with Limes and Cranberry Juice. All topped

         With Grand Marnier and served up.

Cucumber Martini –    9

         Belvedere Vodka, Mint and Cucumber shaken and served in a

         Chilled Martini glass. A refreshing cocktail sure to relax your


San Martini-    9

         Belvedere Vodka, USANA Rev3 Energy Drink with a splash

         of Cranberry Juice.

Buenos Aires Martini –    9

         Don Julio Blanco Tequila muddled with limes, Lemons, Oranges

         and topped with Grand Marnier. Served in a Salt-rimmed glass.

Appletini –    8

         Ketel One Citrus Vodka, Apple Pucker, muddled with Lemons and 

         Sprite served with a Cherry.

Emerald Gem Martini –    6

         Champagne and Midori Melon Liqueur, paired together served up.

San Juan Martini –    7

         Smirnoff Citrus Vodka muddled with Limes and topped with Grand

         Marnier served up.

Chocolate Martini –    7

         Smirnoff Vanilla Vodka, Godiva Chocolate liqueur, with a splash of cream

         And a splash of Cola served in a chocolate-rimmed glass.

Mendoza Martini –    7

         Smirnoff Citrus Vodka, muddled with Lemons and Sugar, served

         In a Sugar-rimmed glass.

Argentini –    7

         Bacardi Rum, Malibu Rum, Midori Melon Liqueur and a splash

         Of Pineapple juice served up.

Cleveland Manhattan –     8

         Bulleit Bourbon muddled with Bitters, Cherries and Orange Peel

         and shaken and served in a martini glass


Beer – Draft                                                                         Beer- Bottles

Blue Moon Belgium Wheat, 16oz –       5                                  Amstel Light                                    4

Goose Island 312, 16oz –                      5                               Budweiser                                               3

Great Lakes Dortmunder, 16oz –          5                                  Bud Light                                          3

Guinness, 20oz –                                  6                                  Coors Light                                             3

Harp, 20oz –                                        6                               Corona                                                          4

Killians Irish Ale, 16oz –                      4                                  Dos Equis Lager                               4

Moosehead, 16oz –                               5                                  Erie Brewing Co. Misery Bay       4

Sam Adams Seasonal, 16oz –               5                                  Great Lakes Elliot Ness              4

Smithwicks, 20oz –                               6                               Heineken                                                4

Stella, 16oz –                                        5                                  Labatt Blue Light                                4

Widmer Seasonal, 16oz –                      5                                  Magic Hat #9                                 4

Yuengling Lager, 16oz –                       5                               Michelob Ultra                                 3

                                                                                                         Miller Lite                                            3

Wine – Red                                                                                    Modelo Especial                          4

Ravenswood Zinfandel (CALI)             6/22                             Modelo Negro                         4

La Linda Malbec (ARG)                       7/25                             Sam Adams Boston Lager      4

Alamos Red Blend (CALI)                    7/25                             St. Pauli Girl                                4

Urano Cabernet (ARG)                        8/29                          Yuengling Light Lager               4

UranoMalbec (ARG)                            8/29                          Yuengling Black and Tan          4

Wine – White                                                                                      Magners Irish Cider          4

Guenoc Chardonnay (CALI)                6/22                          Smirnoff Ice Wild Grape         4

Glory Days Viogionere (CALI)            6/22                            

Alamos Chardonnay  (CALI)               7/25                 Champagne

La Linda Torrontes (ARG)                   7/25                             Moet Chandon Imperial                   90

Mon Ami Johannesburg Riesling(OH)7/25                              Moet Rose                                         90

South River Pinot Grigio (OH)            8/29                          VueveClicquot                                        90